Package dfh.treepath

Interface Summary
NodeTest<N> Tests to see whether the given node has some condition.

Class Summary
AttributeLibrary<N> The base class all attribute libraries must extend.
Forester<N> An expert on trees.
FunctionalForester<N> A generic Forester filled with useful attributes (these are the functions).
Index<N> A class that caches information pertaining to a particular tree, if necessary.
MatchPath A Forester adaptor for Match trees.
ParentIndex<N> An Index that caches the parents of nodes.
Path<N> A compiled tree path expression.
PathGrammar Grammar for parsing path expressions.
TrueTest<N> NodeTest that always returns true.

Enum Summary
PathGrammar.Axis Axes known to tree path grammar.

Exception Summary
PathException Generally signifies a path compilation error.

Annotation Types Summary
Attribute Methods bearing this annotation will be available to a Forester as attributes in tree path expressions.