David F. Houghton

About Me

I am a linguist, specifically a semanticist, but I've been working for over a decade as a programmer specializing in natural language processing and machine learning. The chief languages I program in are Java and Perl. I love them both but there are a lot of languages I'd like to muck about in more: Scala, Haskell, Ruby, Python, C++, Lua -- more or less all of them, actually. I love writing useful code, especially algorithmic stuff that makes it still easier to write useful code. In my spare time I play with my kids, study a little Finnish, and tinker with my open source projects.

I am located in Brattleboro, Vermont. I have family and friends here. It's beautiful, comfortable, and scaled to suit my aesthetics. For work I mostly telecommute -- Skype, Google+, phone, ssh, freenx -- though I can reach most of the East Coast population centers by train and Northern New England by car.

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